Haruna Kawaguchi starred in “Ukakufudo” and his wife Mihisa’s doujin manga “Try to use the soil to ask them” to make a short animation-Japanese magazine and evil night edition

There are several films supervised by Jin Min at the Shanghai Film Festival this year. Unfortunately, Jimmy did not get a ticket. This is also the hardest time to grab a ticket in the film festival in the past. The cinema that can be filled has now only 30%. In order to make up for the emptiness of not grabbing tickets, Jimmy still grabbed a very low priority “Zombie World War”, this film Jimmy has watched twice on the computer, it is also a very typical In the works of the end of the world, infectious diseases and zombies, the virus originated in China in the original novel, but it is not stated clearly in the movie version. Combined with the current epidemic, it is really embarrassing to see it again. The virus in the story is actually more powerful than the new crown pneumonia, especially if the infected person cannot recover, it will actively spread to others… If you have not seen it, you can go and see it when you have time. The special effects and plot are pretty good. , Especially the moment when a group of running zombies climbed over the wall in Israel was very shocking. I haven’t watched a movie in a cinema for half a year. Sure enough, the shock of the cinema is much better than watching it at home. This time the ticket is still on the ground floor of the very large Daguangming Cinema. Although the location is a bit poor, the screen is large

Earlier, it was announced that the live-action TV series “Ukakufudo” starring Hiroshi Tamaki added the actress Kawaguchi Haruna to play the role of the actor Long’s wife Mihisa this morning

In the comics setting, Zhong Meijiu is a 26-year-old professional designer who likes comics and games but knows nothing about housework. I feel that Kawaguchi Haruna appears to be a younger wife. Although Kawaguchi Haruna is now 25, she feels more tender to me

Haruna Kawaguchi said that being able to appear in this manga is that after reading the original manga, some chuckles and warm scenes will naturally come to mind. Those who can participate in this TV series feel very happy. I feel that the role of Meijiu, although a capable professional woman, also likes animation, thinks that he has various aspects. I personally look forward to the surreal scene with my husband. I hope I can go on happily while complaining about it while being surprised. I look forward to the next filming very much. It would be great if this TV series can make everyone and their families smile and watch

In recent years, many fan comics have been fancy, such as “Let you watch fat times with a disgusting face”, “Pantyhose Vision” and “Monday’s Fullness”. Today’s “Try to use the dirt to please them” is a webcomic published irregularly on @funatsukazuki, and it is sold as a booklet on both C93 and C94. The content is a bit like “Let you watch fat times with a disgusting face”. It’s about using the soil to sit in front of girls who won’t reject others, will they satisfy your lustful request! ? ?

ふなつかずきcongratulations to the animation.

【Production team】
Original work:ふなつかずき.
Supervision: Yongju Shenping.
Animation storyboard: Yongju Shinpei.
Role setting: HARIBOTE.

When masks became just-needed goods, masks of various animation IP began to increase. Today, I will open a mask of Yujiro Fan Ma’s ghost smile in the work “Blade Tooth” created by Itagaki Keisuke. Two SIZEs, M and L, are priced at 1,650 yen, scheduled to end on August 16 and shipped in early September