Do not forget the original intention, Bandai Nanmeng Palace confirmed its participation in 2020ChinaJoy BTOC

In 2020, ChinaJoy will actively participate in the industry’s guiding role and continue to inherit the national cultural self-confidence on the basis of the past good, in line with the urgent needs of exhibitors’ deep attention and extensive cooperation in the digital entertainment industry, combined with the current background of the national anti-epidemic Exporting Chinese brand image to the outside world, leading the trend of digital entertainment industry, introducing the most cutting-edge and fashionable products to the venue, highlighting the leading and leading role of ChinaJoy in the industry

At present, Bandai Nanmeng Palace (Shanghai) Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd., known to many players, has officially confirmed its participation in ChinaJoy BTOC in 2020!

As one of the pillar companies in the Japanese gaming industry, Bandai Namco Group entered China in 2015, adhering to “dreams, entertainment, and moving”, and has always been committed to introducing its excellent IP and entertainment products to China. In ChinaJoy in 2019, Bandai Namco has the theme of “playing with the future” and brings high-quality IP works such as Gundam, Naruto Ninja, Dragon Ball, Digimon, Nautical King, Sword Art Online, Dark World God Envoy, etc. Hall N4, through the use of technological elements in the exhibition area design and theme creation, allows players on the scene to obtain a very “futuristic” gaming experience

At the same time, in order to fit the theme, Bandai Namco also specially exhibited two large-scale VR experience projects of the Gundam theme: “Gundam VR Odaiba Strike” and “Gundam Unicorn VR Battle Over Odaiba” Bringing players an immersive, rich and high-quality entertainment experience, the scene also attracted an endless stream of enthusiastic players

In mobile games, Bandai Namco brought “Digital Baby: New Century”, “Moono Heaven”, “Sword Art Online: Black Swordsman: Ace”, “Dragon Ball Strongest Battle” and many other masterpieces on stage Debut. In addition, Bandai Nanmeng Palace also announced on the spot that the first suspense-adventure original local IP “Dark World Envoy” launched for the Chinese market will be animated. In addition, many models were exhibited on the spot, many of which are rare and rare in China, which are very enjoyable!

Since entering the Chinese market in 2015, Bandai Nanmeng Palace has successively established Bandai Nanmeng Palace (China) Investment Co., Ltd. And Bandai Nanmeng Palace (Shanghai) in the mainland of China on the basis of persistent exploration and trial. Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd., Bandai Namco (Shanghai) Toys Co., Ltd., Sunrise (Shanghai) Brand Management Co., Ltd., Bandai Namco (Shanghai) Amusement Co., Ltd. And many other subsidiaries, its industrial layout in China is based on It’s getting clearer. As a large-scale game industry group well-known in Japan and even the world, Bandai Nangong Dream continues to adhere to the corporate philosophy of “dream, entertainment, and moving”, and continues to forget its original intention and bring more high-quality entertainment products and services to Chinese players. They bring a better entertainment experience

We have reason to believe that in 2020 ChinaJoy BTOC exhibition area, Bandai Nanmeng Palace will once again become a dazzling star!