“New Era, New Mission, New Achievement” 2020 CDEC looks at the digital transformation of China’s cultural industry

“new Era, New Mission, New Achievement” 2020 CDEC looks at the digital transformation of China’s cultural industry.

On July 30, 2020, the China International Digital Entertainment Industry Conference (CDEC) was held at the Kerry Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai. As an industry authoritative high-end conference held concurrently with ChinaJoy, this year’s conference will be divided into the morning “Embrace the Vision and Live by the Youth” with the theme of “New Era, New Mission and New Deeds” and the afternoon “Promising Content” The three major sectors of “Connecting to the Future” and “Digital Driven Cultural Rebirth”, conform to current social hotspots, pay attention to new trends, new opportunities, and new models of enterprise development under the epidemic, and put more emphasis on overcoming difficulties, realizing digital transformation of enterprises, and creating more products content

Sun Shoushan, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and chairman of the China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association, delivered a speech, Feng Shixin, deputy director of the Publishing Bureau of the Central Propaganda Department, and Wang Yayuan, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, also attended the conference and delivered speeches respectively. Zhang Yijun, the first vice chairman of China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association and chairman of the Game Working Committee of China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association, published the “Report on China’s Game Industry from January to June 2020”, which kicked off the 2020 CDEC conference. Chinese and foreign guests from the digital entertainment industry also focused on the theme of the conference to share and interpret the new connotations, new opportunities and new forces of the integration, development and exchange of the global digital entertainment industry, and promote the transformation, upgrading and high-quality development of my country’s digital entertainment industry

Mr. Wang Bo, vice president of Tencent, pointed out in his speech that games are actually not only a kind of entertainment, but also people’s social way, emotional companionship and cultural expression, and can even become a way to solve problems. Tencent Games puts forward a brand-new brand proposition “Spark More! To discover, infinite possibilities”, hoping to explore more possibilities of the game from more dimensions: use cross-border applications to release the social value of the game; let cultural pursuits be integrated into the game design concept China, with IP as the core, create Chinese cultural symbols; connect the world’s top resources, continue to explore the integration and innovation of technology and games; open innovation, continue to improve the protection system for minors, and assume social responsibility and future missions, user-oriented, technology To be good, to play a positive value

Wang Bo, Vice President of Tencent.

Mr. Wang Yi, the vice president of NetEase, proposed that nowadays, with the digitalization of games, games have become a carrier of traditional cultural heritage. In addition, real care is needed, and products that integrate cutting-edge Internet technologies and advanced operating concepts are needed to provide more new ideas for the healthy development of the digital society. There is still much room for imagination to open new perspectives on the process of human civilization through games. From a global perspective, the game industry, as a new force in the cultural industry, has made Chinese culture a global trend. In the future, the game industry will further help Chinese culture become popular globally

Wang Yi, Vice President of NetEase.

Perfect World Co., Ltd. CEO Dr. Xiao Hong believes that future trends will have a profound impact on the development of the industry. The digital transformation of the game industry is the trend. 5G is a new technology extension and technical foundation for future industry development. + Driven by new technologies such as AI and VR/AR, traditional cultural communication channels and scenarios will undergo subversive changes. The changes in new technologies and communication channels have spawned new demands for content and experience. Driven by new content, new experiences and new demands, technology and content will further integrate and innovate. Perseverance and innovation in the new era help traditional industries to transform and upgrade. Important way

Perfect World Co., Ltd. CEO Dr. Xiao Hong.

Qualcomm Global Vice President Hou Mingjuan said that the development and innovation of mobile connection technology has always injected strong momentum into the game industry. As the world’s leading wireless technology company, Qualcomm is committed to bringing a rich digital entertainment experience to mobile terminals through technological innovation and promoting the development of the industry. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 mobile platform integrates the company’s top technological innovations in various fields. Through the unique technological advantages brought by 5G, AI, photography, audio and video, etc., it is helping terminal manufacturers and partners in smart phones. Realize extreme lifelike graphics processing, smoother operation, excellent performance, ultra-fast response speed, and immersive sound effects and other end game features. 2020 is the year of the expansion of 5G technology. Qualcomm will work with industry chain partners to bring advanced technologies such as 5G to the gaming industry and open a new era of digital entertainment

Qualcomm Global Vice President Hou Mingjuan

Ms. Xie Fei, CEO and Director of Shengqu Games, said that the epidemic has accelerated the alternation of the overall strength of countries around the world and the complete transformation of lifestyles. “Those who keep pace with the times will spare no effort” is the direction of the game industry’s continuous efforts. The popularization of a new generation of communication technology and multi-frequency integration will produce a new form of digital culture. The combination of 5G, intelligence, and cloud computing will bring disruptive changes to the digital cultural industry. Combined with 5G technology, it completely broke the bottleneck of cloud gaming development. Cloud gaming has become a new feast for everyone, such as technology Internet, mobile communications, and hardware manufacturers

Shengqu Games CEO and Director Xie Fei.

Mr. Wang Rujie, Vice President of Guangzhou Duoyi Network Co., Ltd. Believes that games are still the core content-based industry, Chinese culture is the foundation and cultural output of the content industry, and games are the technology-based content industry, with R&D as the core, and the biggest The power of the company promotes technological research, builds its own engine and related technologies, and believes that technological development will provide unlimited future possibilities for content display and cultural expression. The experience of social interaction is a unique form of the game. If we want to explore better forms of social interaction, we need to have the correct orientation and more need to comply with the rules of reality

Wang Rujie, Vice President of Guangzhou Duoyi Network Co., Ltd.

360 Company Vice President and Game Group President Mr. Li Haiyi highly agrees with the theme of the conference “New Era, New Mission and New Deeds”, and believes that maintaining the continuous development of the game industry cannot rely solely on the “income first” development model, but needs to satisfy players Combining the needs of the industry with the opportunities of technological innovation, conform to the trend of cross-terminal integration, and ignite the engine of industry development. The future development of the game industry requires all parties to rely on and prosper together. Facing the changes and demands of the times, through the integration and innovation of product technology and content, more excellent game products will be launched

360 Company Vice President, Game Group President Li Haiyi.

Mr. Gong Daojun, Vice President of Xishanju, with the theme of “Establishing a Sense of Corporate Social Responsibility and Empowering the Core Value of Games”, introduced Xishanju’s social responsibility from two aspects in the current epidemic. First, in terms of business operations, long-term fees were waived in response to the needs of epidemic prevention during the epidemic, and donations were raised for Wuhan epidemic prevention and control activities. Second, make various pan-entertainment attempts in product decision-making, and insist on doing dramas in the traditional entertainment industry to provide more people with diverse consumption vehicles

Xishanju Vice President Gong Daojun.

Mr. Gao Liandun, co-founder and president of Shenzhen Chuangmeng Tiandi Technology Co., Ltd., pointed out that in the future, cloud games will have a very large market space in the game industry and will usher in a huge revolution. It is content distribution and equipment technological innovation that promote the progress of the game industry. Chuangmeng Tiandi’s cloud game layout will start from four aspects: content, operation, technology, and scenarios. The future is cloud warfare. Cloud technology and creativity are worth thinking about how Chinese games can break through and become the overlord in the new market

Gao Liandun, co-founder and president of Shenzhen Chuangmeng Tiandi Technology Co., Ltd.

Director of Bandai Namco (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Director and General Manager (COO) of Bandai Namco (Shanghai) Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd. And Risen (Shanghai) Brand Management Co., Ltd. Mr. Daisuke Yamada pointed out that IP Axis strategy is the advantage of Bandai Namco in the entertainment field for many years. In addition to the IP products currently launched by Bandai Namco, more new IP products will be created in the future. By giving full play to the worldview and characteristics of IP, the most appropriate products and services will be provided to users at the most appropriate time to achieve Maximize IP value. In addition, Bandai Namco will not only bring Japanese IP into China, but will also continue to explore high-quality and interesting local Chinese IP, launch more diversified and high-quality products, and contribute to the Chinese entertainment market

Director, Bandai Namco (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

Bandai Namco (Shanghai) Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd.

and Risen (Shanghai) Brand Management Co., Ltd. Director and General Manager (COO) Daisuke Yamada

Mr. Hu Meilin, general manager of Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Cultural Group, pointed out in his speech that IP is traffic, and traffic will master the continuous commercial value. Overseas Chinese Town is undergoing cross-border integration of IP and cultural tourism, and IP can help maximize commercial value. Overseas Chinese Town Cultural Group is an IP-driven cultural and tourism development professional subgroup. The Gankeng Hakka cultural and tourism town, which has made a small summer hat IP in Shenzhen, has become the most famous cultural and tourism town in Shenzhen and established its own IP The system provides an in-depth introduction to the IP construction of the small summer hat. Through this, it established its own IPS system, which is also the first corporate strategy to establish an overall IP system

Hu Meilin, general manager of Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Cultural Group.

Mr. Wang Dingyu, general manager of Juliang Engine Marketing Center, said that nowadays, the boundary between users and creators is becoming more and more blurred. Juliang Engine has always hoped to use product thinking to build a content planet and further stimulate each user’s creative ability. Enrich everyone’s life; at the same time, strive to continuously increase creativity through innovative technology, and turn every user’s idea into a universal reality. In the future, we will continue to make efforts on the three levels of music, film and television, and games to jointly build a prosperous and diverse entertainment world

Wang Dingyu, general manager of Giant Engine Marketing Center.

Ms. Li Zao, assistant to the director and producer of Shanghai Art Film Studio, believes that as one of the most widely recognized animation companies, Shanghai Film Studio has gathered many artists and created extraordinary What a great work. With content creation as the core, SMG is continuously empowering and cross-border cooperation in the full-dimensional operation of IP, so that more people can appreciate the beauty of traditional culture, and at the same time achieve more commercial extension

Li Zao, assistant director and producer of Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio.

Shenzhen Daydream Network Technology Co., Ltd. Founder Mr. Li Yanhui introduced that he believes that “good games” equals good experience and good fun. The core of “good games” is that innovative gameplay brings unique, strong and playable fun, popular, “light games” that integrate into life, daydreaming focuses on moderate to mild innovative games, and realizes “making happiness at your fingertips” and”

Li Yanhui, founder of Shenzhen Daydream Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Topstone Games CEO Mr. Wang Gaonan introduced that the company is engaged in the research and development of sports manager games. After the optimization of the game content, the market positioning is very clear. Through the innovation of intervention operations, the innovation of business elements and the application of AI technology, the company has achieved market expansion. The company’s team’s love for sports has overcome the difficulties of sports AI, focusing on this field with continuous investment and great patience, and the future is very promising

Topstone Games CEO Wang Gaonan.

Founder and CEO of Aha Entertainment, co-founder of Sanwenyu, partner of animation academic party, producer and producer of Chinese original animation “Wu Liuqi”, Ms. Zou Shasha pointed out that the globalization of Chinese animation IP Opportunities are now, and we look forward to the industrial connection to create an era of Chinese cultural innovation. In just two years, the Chinese original animation “Wu Liuqi” has been broadcast in more than 190 countries and regions through two seasons of content in 29 languages. She shared the three-layer thinking behind Aha Entertainment’s project practice, Including the transmission of authentic Chinese culture, the establishment of a global talent platform and content ecology, and cultural outreach. In addition, she also shared her views on the creation and development of animation IP in the next 20 years, pointing out that “interaction and co-creation of all people” and “connection and globalization of the whole industry” will be two important trends, calling for a new generation of Chinese animators and the cultural and creative industry People together grasp the opportunities of the times

Founder and CEO of Aha Entertainment,.

Co-founder of Sanwenyu, partner of animation academic party,

Producer and producer of Chinese original animation “Wu Liuqi”. Zou Shasha.

Weibo Station Network Operations Department Game, Animation, and Drama Business Center Head Ms. Cheng Shenglin believes that in the post-epidemic era, with the migration of user consumption habits and the growth of user time and consumption, game companies have ushered in a structure Sexual opportunities. The large media and square attributes of Weibo have given birth to users’ demands for online social interaction for entertainment consumption. At the same time, Weibo takes advantage of the platform, cross-border, Kol communication matrix, and dozens of vertical interactive resonances, empowering ACG creators and companies, creating corporate personal social assets, and understanding the flow logic, personal social networking The achievement of personal design creates the driving force for the long tail of the brand

Cheng Shenglin, head of the game, animation, and drama business center of the Weibo Channel Operations Department.

Mr. Yang Jie, senior partner of Guangyue Law Firm, pointed out that under the trend of boutique online game industry, many changes have taken place in the legislative and judicial aspects in practice, and the amount of compensation for infringement in the online game industry is increasing year by year. Rising, the amount of compensation awarded in the online game industry reached 50 million yuan for the first time in 2019. Punitive damages, the scope of protection is expanded, and the court has a deeper understanding of the game. Under the general trend of “high-quality” games, prevention costs are far lower than accident costs

Yang Jie, senior partner of Guangyue Law Firm.

Mr. Ma Hongbin, Senior Vice President of Kuaishou, pointed out in a speech that the epidemic has driven the development of the so-called “home economy”. The short video and live broadcast industries have ushered in explosive growth. Third-party statistics show that as of March 2020, the number of short video users in China Reached 773 million, accounting for 85.6% of netizens; basically the whole industry is embracing live broadcasting, and Kuaishou has adopted IP, industrialization, technologicalization, as well as internal operation adjustments of new crowds, new markets, and new reconstructions, in marketing and commercial entertainment Under the blessing of the company, we are committed to opening up the entertainment industry chain

Kuaishou Senior Vice President Ma Hongbin.

Mr. Feng Lin, CEO of Migu Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd. Believes that 5G will provide enhanced mobility, edge computing, cloud network computing power scheduling, etc. on the basis of enhanced bandwidth, low latency, high speed and other basic capabilities. A series of characteristic function make cloud gaming the inevitable direction of future game evolution. Migu Kuaiyou, as a 5G cloud game platform officially launched by Migu Interactive Entertainment after years of preparation and layout, has made various changes in five levels: experience, product, content, mode and platform, including product innovation and platform innovation More prominent

Feng Lin, CEO of Migu Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Mr. Shen Lihui, founder and CEO of Modern Sky, said that Modern Sky is a label based on music aesthetics and artistic aesthetics. The core is to focus on artist brokers, select artists and generate music copyrights, and at the same time make efforts to live music, further extending the “Strawberry Music Festival”, “MDSK Music Festival” and other high-quality live music content IP. During the epidemic, we successfully cooperated with online music projects such as “Zhai Strawberry” and “Strawberry Nebula” with platforms such as Station B and Watermelon Video, and tried to pay for online performance content, while operating an APP to manage users. In the future, we will consider more new attempts Achieve in-depth operation of core users

Modern Sky founder and CEO Shen Lihui.

Beijing Nuoyiteng Technology Co., Ltd. Co-founder and CTO Dr. Ruoli Dai pointed out that the next decade will be the decade when Yangchun Baixue’s technology sinks into the application market. The advanced digital special effects production pipeline will be more accessible to the people, and the technology including motion capture will further sink. Virtual idol economy, virtual interactive live broadcast, and digital avatars of virtual images in the field of social networking-such industry applications will benefit from this in the next decade

Dr. Dai Ruoli, co-founder and CTO of Beijing Nuoyiteng Technology Co., Ltd.

Mr. Duan Zhiyun, Vice President of Developer Relations of Robles, gave an in-depth explanation of Robles’ practice in cloud game architecture and technical community establishment. It is believed that the key point for the popularization of cloud game technology in the future game industry is the community. The establishment of the community requires a lot of preliminary preparation. Many professional game design public courses will be launched in China, and universities and STEM institutions will cooperate to cultivate creators. It also promised that all developers who use Robles technology at this stage will have technical and commercial support

Rob Leth Vice President of Developer Relations Duan Zhiyun.

AppsFlyer Greater China general manager Dr. Wei Wang pointed out that mobile marketing focuses on the user conversion funnel, and the brand and effect are more organically integrated, which can produce 1+1>2 effects. On the other hand, many foreign companies have been eliminated by the market because they have failed to do a good job locally. For foreign companies to succeed in China, localization must cross the threshold. The same is true for Chinese advertisers overseas

AppsFlyer Greater China General Manager Dr. Wei Wang.