Ready to go, Perfect World Games will make a wonderful appearance in the 2020 ChinaJoy BTOC exhibition area!

OnMay 11, 2020, the Organizing Committee of China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition (ChinaJoy) held its first press conference and announced that the 18th China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition (ChinaJoy) will be held from July 31, 2020 to On August 3, it was held as scheduled in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Zhang Yijun, the first deputy chairman of the China Music and Sound Association, pointed out at the meeting that the ChinaJoy exhibition is one of the annual key tasks of the association and an important means for the association to serve the industry. By fully participating in the exhibition activities, it fully reflects the important value of the association ’s platform and plays Actively lead. He hopes that all members of the association can seize the opportunity and actively participate to show the vitality of the industry and let the public fully appreciate the tenacious and optimistic spirit of the game industry. The association will coordinate and invite relevant department heads to attend the exhibition activities in order to gain more help and support, help the industry to resume production and production out of the predicament, and make a unique contribution to the rapid recovery and development of the national economy

The theme of this ChinaJoy exhibition is: Technology • Leading the New Wave of Digital Entertainment. Since the start of investment promotion at the exhibition, domestic and foreign manufacturers from the global digital entertainment field have actively participated in the exhibition. At present, Perfect World Games has confirmed its participation in the 18th ChinaJoy in 2020, and will make a wonderful appearance in the BTOC exhibition area!

Looking back on ChinaJoy in 2019, the perfect world game has the theme of “Be your own number one player”, with its “Perfect World” mobile game, “Sculpture Hero 2” mobile game, “Xinxiaoaojianghu” mobile game, “New Nine boutiques such as “Shenmao Continent” mobile games and “Fantasy New Zhuxian” mobile games brought an exclusive summer fun party to live players, media and guests through a series of ingenious display and interaction. Among them, a number of boutique mobile games with Chinese traditional culture charm fully demonstrated the perfect world game actively spreading Chinese traditional culture, using games as a new carrier to promote the traditional cultural rejuvenation brand vision, which caused widespread industry concern and thinking

Liang Yanshun, Vice Minister of the Central Propaganda Department, Zhou Huilin, Member of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, Minister of Propaganda Department, Guo Yiqiang, Director of the Publishing Bureau of the Central Propaganda Department, and other leaders also visited the Perfect World Game booth. The products and their positive contributions to the game industry expressed their affirmation and appreciation

Perfect World CEO Dr. Hong Xiao introduced the Perfect World game booth.

The stock era focuses on producing quality games.

At present, the game industry is still in the fierce stage of the stock competition. Under the guidance of the boutique strategy, Perfect World Games has invested 5 heavyweight products in 2019, three of which have achieved market leadership. The accumulation from the end travel era to the present is the key to the upward trend of the perfect world game

In the first half of the year, the “Perfect World” mobile game developed and produced by Perfect World Games lived up to the expectations of entering the 1 billion monthly running club, becoming the best performing MMORPG mobile game in the first half of 2019. After entering the second half of the year, the explosive performance of the “Sculpture Hero 2” mobile game and the “Xinxiaoaojianghu” mobile game independently developed by Perfect World Games helped the company achieve substantial growth in performance. Among them, the “Xinxiaoaojianghu” mobile game handed over the achievements of over one million new players and over ten million in the first day of the final game of the Chinese game industry in 2019, creating an industry benchmark

In 2020, new games such as “New God Demon Continent”, “Fantasy New Zhuxian”, “Remains of God of War” and other games under the Perfect World Game are ready to be launched, and the products are expanded to more subdivided fields, covering MMORPG System, ARPG, SLG, Roguelike, card, sports and other types, involving the future of science fiction, two-dimensional, Japanese fantasy, ancient mythology, Western magic, Eastern Fairy and other subjects

Nowadays, Perfect World Games is striving to create a globally attractive cultural product and platform through continuous innovation, and further exert its vision of the global market. I believe that Perfect World Games will show you more exciting scenes at the 2020 ChinaJoy exhibition

As one of the most well-known and influential industry vane and annual event in the global digital entertainment field, the scene of the eighteenth ChinaJoy exhibition in 2020 will be brilliant, and the unprecedented attention from the broad audience and media will definitely lead digital entertainment. New industry boom. At present, the investment promotion work of the 18th ChinaJoy in 2020 is in full swing, and enterprises are welcome to actively negotiate with the organizers for participation. ChinaJoy will continue to witness the vigorous development of the digital entertainment industry with you. Here, companies from all over the world are invited to the event and share the prosperity!