“I’m Big Brother Theater Edition” trailer IDOLiSH7 Second Beat! Postponed after four episodes-Daily and Evil Evening Edition

I used to play FM2020 on Steam for two weeks for free, and I played it on my own hands. As a result, I did n’t hold back and wanted to play again on Saturday and Sunday. More than one hundred bought this game, FM this game took too much time, so you can n’t play too much, otherwise do n’t do anything else, because coach Jimmy led Manchester United, Solskjaer had to leave class, but the official Chinese The name is really bad, it is not as good as the past

“I am Big Brother Theatre Edition” is a movie released on July 17 and it seems to be released smoothly, but this really depends on the development of the Japanese epidemic. The official announcement of the theater version today

[MV] Masaki Suzuki’s “DADDY! DADDY! DO! Feat. Suzuki Airi” TV animation “Miss Faye wants me to confess my love to the geniuses ~ 2”. It was Suzuki, and Suzuki Airi sang the animated ED

Last year Uchida Maaya Zepp Tour 2019 “we are here” will be on sale on April 22, and a video of the concert was officially announced. In addition, on July 5 this year, a concert called UCHIDA MAAYA LIVE 2020 “Live for All Stars” will be held in Yokohama.

▶ Release date: April 22, 2020 (water).
▶ Pin Fan / Tongge: [Blu-ray] PCXP.50752 / 7,800 yen + tax [DVD] PCBP.54079 / 6,800 yen + tax.
▶ Shicha.
▪Specially made tripartite back ケ ー ス.
▪Specially made デ ジ パ ッ ク.
▪ ラ イ ブ フ ォ ト ブ ッ ク.
▪Special image: Documentary of Zepp Tour 2019 “we are here”.

▶ Included content: December 16, 2019 (month) Zepp Tokyo.
01. 波 乘 り キ ャ リ ー オ ン.
02.Smiling Spiral.
03.Girl is fun.
04.Flag Ship.
06. キ ミ 行 き EXPRESS.
07. Drum エ ス カ レ ー シ ョ ン.
08. ギ ミ ー ! レ ボ リ ュ ー シ ョ ン
09.TickTack … Bomb.
10.5: 00AM.
11. あ の 人 に 会 い た い.
12. か ら っ ぽ カ プ セ ル.
13. モ ラ ト リ ア ム ダ ン ス フ ロ ア
14. ロ マ ン テ ィ ッ ク ダ ン サ ー
15. セ ツ ナ Ring a Bell.
16. Resonance レ ゾ ン デ ー ト ル.
17.Seasons Come, Seasons Go.

IDOLiSH7 Second Beat! Announced on Monday that the animation will be postponed after the four episodes are broadcast, the animation will be broadcast on April 19, and then the first season’s highlights will be broadcast on schedule. Of course, the reason for the extension of the animation is the current epidemic. Several new programs this season have announced the overall extension of the broadcast. For example, the final chapter of “Sword Art Online Alicization” has been extended to July. Looking at the situation, it is very likely that other April episodes will also be broadcast after a few episodes

In addition, the well-known Japanese manga “Muscle Man” cartoonist Ozaki Jian and Shueisha discussed the original comics that will be serialized from April 20th starting this week, the reason is that “Muscle Man” is created by cartoonist + assistant In the form of creation, everyone was hand-painting together for several hours, and even a few assistants lived with the elderly, so in order to take care of everyone’s safety, they decided to suspend the update for a month

The Sword Art Online × Don Quixote event originally scheduled to be held on April 24, 2020 decided to postpone the event to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. The time for restarting the event will be announced separately. Tangji Goethe is a well-known convenience store in Japan that sells electrical appliances, daily necessities, food, watches and fashion goods, sports and leisure goods, etc