Love and Careful Machine, Little Theater of Love-The Second Season of Miss Huiye Wants to Confess

I watched several new programs in April. The two works with the highest comprehensive quality are “Miss Huiye Wants People Confession II” and “Gleipnir”. Maybe “Miss Huiye Wants People Confession” announced earlier The second season, so this time it has not been announced that it will be postponed to the second episode. After all, it is originally the focus of the fan group, and it is the work produced by A-1 Pictures, so the production is not a problem, but here, I also Can’t be too full to avoid being beaten later

No matter whether it will be postponed in the future, but the quality of good works is still built on, the second season of “Miss Huiye wants someone to confess” or the same as the first season uses the “battle turn system” to tell the story, will The president and vice president still want the other party to express their love for themselves as the highest combat goal, and then various characters are interspersed. For the audience, this kind of story is very funny, but the IQ of men and women in love is quite anxious. I believe everyone can find the shadow of their own love in this work

Imitate the over-infrared scene in “Sky Trap”.

Imitate the burning of the lead of “Mission Impossible 4”.

In the second season, because there is no need to set up, the characters and various settings do not need to be introduced, the story is directly unfolded, adhering to the many characteristics of this animation NETA, and came up to pay tribute to the two films “Stealing Trap” And the classic footage from Mission Impossible. After drinking decaffeinated coffee, the president fell asleep and leaned on Hui Ye’s shoulders. The character of Sasaka Ai is to eliminate all factors that interfere with the two

Took on a love show with a strong conspicuous nature, so that the chairman and Shi Shangyou both felt that Tian Nengyi had performed a “sacred ceremony” with his girlfriend. This conversation is for people who are not in love. The blow was quite huge. About half of the girlfriends came, so the theme became a discussion about whether the pair had completed the ceremony, so the president and Shi Shangyou gave the student union room to two people for observation, and then this The couple started various actions of show and affection, and the students would eventually defeat, because Kashiwagi was deliberately spoofing

Then is the self-made life board game of Secretary Fujiwara, so that the students of the student union have experienced the feeling of a “garbage game ruining youth”. The most unlucky Shishangyou came up because of a traffic accident, and then Hui Ye Caiyun was so good that he was cheated by a scum man but he received 10 million alimony. He started his business and went public, but his love was particularly bad. But Fujiwara and the chairman got married and gave birth to a child, which made Huiye very inner Awkward, and then divorced and married, Huiye, who finally got the marriage card, was looking forward to marrying the chairman in the game. I did n’t know that I got a male distrust card before, so I could only marry Fujiwara … There are even children.

At the end of the shopping, it is particularly interesting to criticize the two women from the beginning for being a slutty woman and finally contacting oneself physically.

Pack yourself as a gift.

After receiving Hui Ye’s gift, he will feel excited.

The president ’s birthday is a cross-cutting theme. In order to prepare a gift for the president, Hui Ye asked the president ’s sister Gui to go shopping together, preparing to talk about what to do. What gift does the president like, but the president ’s family Poor, he did not pay much attention to any Christmas gifts or birthday gifts, and did not make any progress, but Hui Ye regarded this sister as the chairman’s substitute. In the end, the maid Hakasaka loved a very vulgar main battle, which was to let Hui Ye pack it into a gift for the chairman. Then I also prepared a particularly big birthday cake, but in the end, after a series of ideological struggles, I just sent a cake and a fan with an autograph inscription, which wrote the words “grinding the iron inkstone” (meaning and our iron pestle) The same as the needle), this choice is quite right, the president is particularly happy and excited. However, this is because the chairman himself was caught in a small theater in his brain, and wanted to rely on this fan as an initiative, but this time Huiye had first told Secretary Fujiwara that the chairman was defeated. But the chairman took a bite and said that Hui Ye deliberately did not tell his birthday to others, just want to have a birthday with the chairman alone, so he got into a deadlock, and the one who broke this deadlock was late to Shi Shangyou. , And also gave away a pen, so in the end, only Fujiwara did n’t know the president ’s birthday in the student union …

The first two episodes of the second season of Miss Huiye want someone to confess. Keeping the excellent paintings and funny plots of the first season will continue the love war between Chang and Huiye. S-level works in the new program throughout April