Island Dispute in the Sea of ​​Japan

This live-action movie adapted from the overhead historical comic “Ibuki, the Sky Mother” finally saw resources available, so I downloaded it on Saturday. I wanted to see how Japan will solve the “Diaoyu Islands” issue. The movie is also an estimate of the feelings of neighboring countries. It did not show the Diaoyu Islands and the disputes between China and Japan in the comics. The territorial dispute of Japan was transformed into an island dispute between Japan and a fictitious “East Asian Federation”

This fictitious East Asian Federation gives people the feeling of the Philippines plus Indonesia. It is not weak in military strength. There are aircraft carriers. There are also many MiG-35 carrier aircraft on them. There are also destroyers and submarine. The beginning of the dispute was the disputed island “Hatsushima.” The Japanese coast guard was attacked by the East Asian Federation armed forces disguised as fishing boats during their daily patrols. In order to rescue the Coast Guard, Japan dispatched the Ibuki aircraft carrier formation

In Japan, the manufacture of this first aircraft carrier is very controversial. Members of Congress and the public have voices of opposition, so this first aircraft carrier can be described as “a target of public criticism.” In reality, there has not been an aircraft carrier officially called an aircraft carrier in the Sea of Japan. Although there are two quasi-aircraft carriers, they dare not say that they are aircraft carriers, and even if they are to become aircraft carriers, they have to cooperate with vertical landing aircraft

Ibuki aircraft carrier battle group.

The young acting captain who replaced the injured captain in battle.

In the movie, this first Ibuki aircraft carrier is not too big, there are not many carrier-based aircraft, and it still takes off by skidding, not even a catapult. In the sea area where the accident occurred, the East Asian Alliance took the lead and attacked Ibuki with missiles. It feels that the East Asian Alliance is also quite stupid. The Sea of Japan only has the right to defend itself, so it even proactively attacked to give others a reason to take action. Then reporters on the aircraft carrier even released a video of the aircraft carrier’s deck shot through satellite phones, so Japanese society caused a commotion, and the Japanese Prime Minister had to develop a conference. The battle between the East Asian Federation and the Sea of Japan. Although it was an aircraft carrier battle group versus an aircraft carrier battle group, the double-engined battles were all point-to-point, because the Japanese side, from the prime minister to the ship’s command, has a feeling of throwing rodents. Because of the existence of Japan’s peace constitution, Japan cannot initiate war, but has the right to self-defense. Therefore, we feel that we are restrained during the battle. The most exaggerated thing is that Japanese submarines have not been discovered by the other side due to their good muting effect, in order not to actively attack. , Unexpectedly used to hit the opponent to make the opponent lose its combat effectiveness, and then encountered the opponent’s destroyer, did not dare to directly attack with missiles, or used the main gun to “fire” to make the opponent lose its combat effectiveness, so the entire aircraft carrier battle group of Ibuki was basically a situation of 2. In fact, in terms of weapons, Japan’s combat effectiveness should be much higher. The carrier-based aircraft is F35, but air combat is not yet a super-visual combat. Everyone can see each other

The first snow frigate took the initiative to “block guns” torpedoes in order to protect the aircraft carrier.

Japan’s carrier-based aircraft F-35.

Although there are many fighters MiG-35 of the East Asian Federation, they are one generation behind in algebra.

Ibuki aircraft carrier battle group air defense.

Since the Ibuki aircraft carrier battle group was continuously consumed in the battle, in order to prevent the opponent’s battle group, an F35 direct low-altitude flight was used to directly hit the opponent’s aircraft carrier, while the East Asian Federation used quantitative advantages, especially the number of carrier aircraft. Surrounded Ibuki. At this critical juncture, it was not these two countries, but the Joint Security Council who came forward, and a strange scene appeared. Five submarines appeared between the two sides. The submarine fired five torpedoes at both sides, and then the torpedo exploded before hitting and then floated up. Except for their respective national flags, the floating submarines all display the United Nations flag. The appearance of the five permanent members means that the United Nations Security Council has been dispatched, and the two sides have ceased. (This ending is a bit exaggerated. After all, Wuchang submarines appear in the Pacific at the same time. This probability is too low. The United States, China and Russia are still possible, and the United Kingdom and France should not be swaying in the Pacific if nothing is going on). In fact, to put it bluntly, as long as the US military is dispatched, it is enough. After all, there are Japan-US security regulations. But it’s very strange. In the story, the Prime Minister called the United States, and it was the Vice President of the United States who answered the call, and it was the President who was in a meeting with the leaders of China and Russia. He felt like he deliberately ignored Japan. Therefore, if the East Asia Alliance can attack Japan with such confidence, it is really possible that some major powers will acquiesce

Finally, let’s talk about the meaning of this movie. First, it is to give support to the Sea of Japan’s own aircraft carrier. This is very obvious, that is, without this aircraft carrier, Japan would be unable to fight for air supremacy on the ocean with the other side because of this dispute. The island is far away from the Japanese mainland, and the meaning of this layer is very obvious in the story. Then another meaning is to explain the hope to get rid of the exclusive defense constitutional control. The cautious and cautious feeling of the Nippon Kaiji and the leadership in the film makes me, a foreigner, feel awkward. I can’t preemptively attack the opponent, nor can the attacker kill the opponent, but only maimed it. When making decisions, prime ministers must also face domestic hawks and doves. Overseas, they must also consider the feelings of the United States, China, and Russia. The most important thing is the post-World War II peace constitutional constraints. I always feel that Japan is very much like a daughter-in-law in the family, who has no status and no rights, and everything depends on the face of others. In fact, this kind of thinking has always existed in Japan, so Prime Minister Abe has been pushing this matter, but the United States, China, South Korea, and Russia will not agree on this point, so it is certainly the most popular in the history of Japan’s constitutional government. The Prime Minister failed to do so, and there is also a lot of public opinion in Japan that disagrees with changing the peace constitution. In short, the thoughts conveyed in this piece are still a bit dangerous

Then the cost of this Japanese movie is not high, the East Asian Federation Navy does not have many descriptions, and the special effects are not as good as Hollywood blockbusters. Finally, give a score, 6 points