BUSTERCALL PROJECT brings multinational artists to 2019 INNERSECT

The 2019 INNERSECT Global Trend Cultural Experience Exhibition, which gathered a number of popular brands and attracted countless people from all over the world, was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from December 6th to 8th, 2019. “BUSTERCALL PROJECT” participated in this exhibition with the main purpose of interpreting the moving of the extremely popular anime work “ONE PIECE” worldwide. This is the second official appearance of the project at a world-class trend event after participating in “ComplexCon Long Beach” in Los Angeles in November

In the more than 20 years since serialization began in 1997, there have been countless exciting and unforgettable scenes in “ONE PIECE”. “BUSTERCALL PROJECT” is committed to using the rich and diverse imagination of artists in Based on the original work, more brand-new things are created and officially launched on October 4, 2019

At the 2019 INNERSECT Global Trend Cultural Experience Exhibition, the booth of “BUSTERCALL PROJECT” BUSTERCALL ART GALLERY exhibited more than 200 works including paintings, three-dimensional models, videos, and CG. In addition to works by artists such as Shiro Taro, PERIMETRON, Kurai Blue, Asakura Mirai, Schemata Architectural Project, SUSHIBOYS, and industry, there are also masterpieces from the world-famous fashion designer Yamamoto Kansai

During the exhibition, the famous Japanese stitching artist Kawamura came to BUSTERCALL ART GALLERY as a mysterious guest and brought his new work. This time, Kawamura Kyosuke specially created the “ONE PIECE” protagonist group portrait for “BUSTERCALL PROJECT”, which broke through his past style and tried the production of three-dimensional stitching works for the first time. At the scene, he also demonstrated his new work to the audience. After selecting the appropriate size materials according to the character’s shape, they were stacked and stitched layer by layer to gradually outline the characters. His superb skills and delicate works not only attracted a large number The fans stopped to watch and it surprised many ordinary audiences

Kawamura Kosuke said that “ONE PIECE” is an excellent work. It is also a great honor to receive the invitation of “BUSTERCALL PROJECT” this time. I hope to make more people feel “ONE PIECE” through my own efforts. “Charm

INNERSECT The Global Trends Cultural Experience Exhibition has been held for the third consecutive year, and new events such as brand new work releases and international art exhibitions have been staged in turn. The aim is to find infinite through the sparks of multiple cultural collisions. The possibility of this is exactly the meaning of INNERSECT “Crossing Paths and Blending New Students”. The works exhibited by BUSTERCALL ART GALLERY are exactly the same. From the demon fruit carved from fruit to the painting creation based on the characters in anime, etc., many artists interpret it in their own unique ways. A different “ONE PIECE” is a must-see event for fans who like this work