“Swaying Camp△” Season 2 Character Image First Announcement Announced Trailer for Japanese TV Drama “Guru Fudao”-Daily Hexie Evening Edition

Lao Luo is a very early Internet celebrity. In fact, I had a good impression of him before, but after I started the hammer phone, I felt that it was very unreliable. Although the cross talk conference is very good, it is a popular electronic consumer product. In the industry, individuals still feel that Apple and Sony can play with their feelings. This time, Lao Luo said on the show that he owed 600 million for his business, and now he has paid 400 million. I personally think this behavior is very good. To be honest, Jimmy is a creditor, and foreign debts also give me a headache. To be honest, I can encounter such a problem. Those who owe debts are blessed. But I have watched Lao Luo’s delivery videos recently. To be honest, the recommended products are actually average. I believe that a few years ago, people like Lao Luo would not bring the goods like this. To be honest, I personally think it’s true. The first-line celebrities who go to live broadcast to bring goods are quite LOW. I am not saying that the live broadcast is wrong, but that it is indeed very grounded for a good celebrity or public idol to live to bring goods, but it is not a good thing for creating personal IP. This money, then you can’t make other money. Recently, two men and women have gone viral on the Internet. One is a man complaining about a glass burst in the bathroom, and the other is Wang Bingbing from CCTV. We have the opportunity to make a theme of Wang Bingbing together

When I was writing the news this morning, this gaze hadn’t come out yet. Sure enough, after switching to MAPPA, there are subtle changes in the main visual map of this final chapter. Since the broadcast was postponed to December, it is actually almost equivalent to a season postponement. NHK also announced to fill in the gaps with the content of the previous seasons

“The Promised Neverland” serialization has ended. This time, the cover of the final volume of the booklet has been officially announced. This booklet will be released on October 2nd, and the third volume of the novel version will be released on the same day. The second season of live-action movies and animations based on comics will continue to meet with you

Yesterday, the second season of “Swinging Camp△” announced the PV video, and today the official addition of the first image of the character picture, this time this picture is from the front of Kakamigahara Nadeshikozaka Road Yamanashi Prefecture and childhood sweetheart Ayano A photo of spending summer vacation together. After the main visual map was released, netizens found it soon. The place for the group photo was at Nagisa Bridge in Lake Hamana, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

“Princess Principal Crown Handler” is the follow-up theatrical version of the original animation “Princess Code”. Originally, this theatrical version was to be released in April this year. However, due to the epidemic, it had to be postponed. Today, the official announcement of this trailer video and It will be released on February 11, 2021. The series will have six chapters in total

“Princess Code” stage is at the end of the 19th century, the capital of the Albion Kingdom divided by a huge wall from east to west, London. In the prestigious Queen Mayfair School of Tradition and Etiquette, there are 5 girls studying here. They used female high school students as their disguise to conduct espionage activities. Disguise, espionage, sneak in, drive chase… The girls use their abilities to fly back and forth in the world of shadows
“What are we?” “Spy. It’s a creature full of lies”.

The trailer for the Japanese drama “Ukulele Master Road” adapted from the manga of the same name was announced. The male lead is Hiroshi Tamaki and the female lead is played by Haruna Kawaguchi. “Ultimate Master’s Road” isおおのこうすけThe young manga written by, started serialization in 2018, tells the story of the original·strongest gang boss selected, is a bumpy road to the homeowner-rising star A home-based chivalrous comedy presented by a ghost writer. It is recommended to take a look at the manga CM live-action version played by the voice actor Tsuda Kenjiro below