Aoyama Akiyama has just updated the group’s official blog and reported on the group’s feelings this week, emphasizing the word “seven” Talent is Wake Up, Girls!”, saying “Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the future with a smile.” . Suzuki is in the book with the abbot of the Fukuju Temple, Xuanzang Zongjiu, the Linji Zongjue Temple, the governor of Hengtian Nanling, and the Longyun Temple abbot, Hosokawa Jinsuke, who are talking about the three masters

Adapted from the original movie of Mizuki Mai, and the TV animation “Sherlock Holmes of Kyoto Teramachi”, which is responsible for the illustrator novels, the seiyuu will be added and will be broadcasted on July 9th! Adapted from the original 40 original popularity of the same person, “a girl with a look of disgusted expression to show you fat times” The first bomb PV is open, the animation BD will be released on August 13! The new information of “The Explosives of the Soul Hunter” (provisional translation), jointly planned by Toei Animation × Bandai X Elementary School, will be publicized and will be broadcast this fall! Adapted from the original animation of “There is a game to play” in the original comic book of the original of Ogawa, and will be broadcasted on July 8th! “Dies irae” new PV disclosureThe new PV of the TV anime “Dies irae”, which was adapted from the game of the same name, will be released. “Monster Watch” Theatrical version of the fifth album “Movie Monster Watch FOREVER FRIENDS” is open and will be released on December 14! P.A

Because in the last episode of the second season, the relationship between Chi Nai and his beloved is further clarified, and Chi Nai growth also recognizes her beloved as a sister, so in her new work, she needs to further develop the relationship between the two to reflect the growth of Chi Nai, including Zhi Nai invited everyone to participate in the fireworks’ exhibition and finally reached out to the scene of saying “welcome back” to the beloved. The specific picture of the superimposed picture of the bridge and the deputy supervisor, かおり is responsible for the second quarter of the tenth section of the mirror, and the style of Hashimoto supervision is similar, while Koi’s comics are based on the basis, so Can rest assured.The service department mentioned that although it was in the cinema, it was originally produced as OVA

Cologne, Germany "Nuclear explosion", the video game mother actually witnessed!

The studio from the Great Fighting People announced their new work “Metro: Exodus” (translated name “Metro: Escape”) in addition to the stunning booth statue layout, 3A level of production, and the script from science fiction, this The game is also the first game to announce support for the ray tracing technology of the NVIDIA RTX series of graphics cards above! If the switch version of “The Dark Soul Reset Edition” represents – “Let the player suffer anywhere, anytime,” then the collection is clearly – “The pain you have suffered is inside!”While eating lunch at the venue, I heard two international friends discussing the new BOSS announced by Marvel Spider-Man. Just like “The boxing game that can’t play the referee is not a good boxing game”, how cool it is to attack the scenes and bunkers with gunfire, you can’t imagine (funny).The “Fear of the Wolf” brought to you by the Vostok game studio is also the game of the doomsday theme of nuclear radiation

“Monster Niang ~ Otto Monster Anthropomorphic Project ~” The new animation “Monsters (Black)” main visual department is open, the new work will be the form of theater animation, limited to the release period starting from November 23! STUDIO PONOC’s new project “PONOC Short Theatre”, the first bullet theater animation “Little Heroes – Crab and Egg and Transparent Man” – new information will be released on August 24th! It will consist of three short animations featuring “Little Heroes”, which describe the brothers and courage, the mother and the child, and the struggle of one person. The theater animation “K SEVEN STORIES” Episode1-3 is announced, EP1 will be on July 7, EP2 will be on August 4, EP3 will be released on September 1! Adapted from the original comic book of Xiyi, “Six Ice and Langji’s Magic Law Firm” added seiyuu public, and will start broadcasting on August 3! The TV animation “Black Clover”, which is currently being broadcasted, is added to the seiyuu public and will debut in the 38th episode! Adapted from the original anthropomorphic cell of Kiyomizu, the comic book “Working Cell” new information will be released on July 7th! Original animation “Twilight Phantom” 5th PV & additional seiyuu

In addition, Nakajima has also added the elements of “Fly Female Criminal III Girl Ninja Ripple Legend”, not forgetting to sell, self-proclaimed, and in the midst of the chaos of the world, still abide by the style of Toei Ninja special photography, this statement was met with Okazaki Decisive to spit.Relatively speaking, this adaptation needs to focus more on “Batman can’t kill and kill”. In the play, when the catwoman goes back and retreats, there is a line that is intriguing and the watersaki supervision can’t think of anything, “the man who can tolerate the woman’s mistakes is infinite”, on the grounds that the supervision is not that elegant, and Praise that Nakajima is good at drawing nutrients from his life experience, and Nakajima reminds him of supervision

A war two years ago strongly influenced the current social order, and advocated the thorough management of the “management army” of the creation of God and the “liberator” organization pursuing liberalism, which drove many gods to the battlefield, and the management army laughed to the end. According to the difference between the prototype gods and the imagination of the creation of God, each creation god has its own characteristics of “creative shape”, which makes it possible for the lower god to defeat the upper god, increasing the uncertainty of the battle results. The power of the gods was no longer in the past, and it was also distinguished from the practice of using force to solve everything in the war years

The shareholder believes that it should be positively publicized, but Chuan Shang believes that “We are not wrong” on the Internet will only be more and more black, so we have to exercise restraint in this regard.Some shareholders have asked questions: animation has evolved from the era of limited animation, and animations originally produced by many people can now be done with very few people like “Animal Friends”. Since the consortium B and Sony’s shareholder meeting did not touch on the issues that I was interested in (there was a Sony shareholder asking them to make a TV that couldn’t see the NHK, and was smashed by the president, Yoshida Kenichiro), so we only share today

Show children’s books on the “regret” side of the book “The Dictionary of Regretful Creatures” series of short animations, the animation will be 10 minutes for every 5 minutes, and will be broadcasted for two consecutive weeks at NHK ETV on August 6th. TV drama “Sheng Ge Chuan” visual map disclosureThe visual adaptation of the TV series “Sheng Ge Chuan”, adapted from Nakamura’s original work, will be broadcast on PICOMA TV distribution this fall! “The royal teacher Heine” opened a new plan in the special letter of the commemoration of the 1st anniversary of the broadcast, and the detailed information will be released on September 18! In the original animation project of the novel “Deer King” of the original work of Uehara Kazuko, please wait for the details to be published later! ~Children’s teacher’s practice~” The main visual map & actor information will be released, and will start the performance on July 12th! The TV animation “Three-Yuan Girlfriend” released yesterday was released in the second season, and will be broadcast in January 2019! The OVA “Re: The Life of a Different World from Zero” will be released in the theater, and will be released on October 6th! Miura’s original novel

On the way back, the younger people muttered: “When can I become an editor who does not need to apologize?” He replied: “The editor is definitely a waste, or should not become That kind of editing is better.” たられば said that although this is only his experience based on his own observation range, but “can not stand the apology for others”, basically even if they made a mistake, they are not willing to apologize. The next day, the keyboard player Endo and Doo received a contact, saying that Jun Island “the physical condition is becoming worse than expected