I gave Mingtianchuan a good inspiration and felt that this kind of operation could be.When scheduling the seiyuu lineup, Ming Tianchuan is most concerned about “the overall balance.” Even if the selected seiyuu are good, Mingtianchuan will put together the voices of these people to let the original author and supervisor audition

A group of Ibrahimovic group dancing fouls selling Meng Guan Zhi one person exhibiting a booth with a gift of "骂人" - Japanese magazine and evil night version

According to the official Twitter news of Magic Girl Lyrical Nanoha, the theme song “NEVER SURRENDER” of the theatrical version of “Magic Girl Lyrical Nanoha Detionation” will be sung by Mizuki Nana, the single CD will be released on October 24, this is also watered Tree Nana’s 38th single. The Premier League opened, although this season’s support is not very strong, but Manchester United still made a good start, Bogba as the captain also played a penalty, finally this also gave a good start this season, but the game once on the scene The city still has an advantage. The record of the number of visitors on the third day of C93, and then the cumulative number of participants in C94 reached 530,000 (160,000 on the first day and 160,000 on the second day) On the third day, 210,000)

After being pointed out, what will you do with Mr. Fujitsu?Fujitsu replied that if he had the knowledge to be able to judge the facts, or if he could find the facts after the investigation, he would find out what he wanted to say based on the things that the person who said the words wanted to say. The interview was divided into three parts, the second of which was titled “ Taniguchi Goro’s Supervisor Ringing Alarm: The Animation Industry Has Been Childish to This Level”, and talked about many criticisms of the status quo of the animation industry by Taniguchi

Adapted from the original novel of Yasushi Ida, and Mizoguchi ケージ, the light novel “Adolescent Stupid Do Not Do Bunny Sister’s Dream” adds seiyuu & new visuals, which will be broadcast in October! Will be released on August 4th, “Theatrical Mask Kamen Rider Build Be The One” & “The Fast Warrior Lubang Lian VS Police Team Patrol Entrepreneur en film” official poster &PV public. “Kamen Rider Build” & “Theft Pirates Lubang Lian VS Police Team Patrol Lian Ting” Theatrical version of the new information lifting the ban. Adapted from the comic book of the same name, the main visual map of Miss Youna, who is swaying, will be broadcast on July 14th! “Theatrical version of Kamen Rider Build Be The One” & “The squadron Lubang Lian VS police patrol en film” official website

US President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met in Singapore, affecting the hearts of people all over the world, especially the cartoonist Yuki Masami – he was pleasantly surprised to find that the hotel where the two talked, looks, fell Some are like Nagano Guangmingyuan in his comic book “The Chronicles of the White.” . The cartoonist said that there is a business strategy called “lean entrepreneurship”, which means that instead of doing the finished product as it used to be, it is offered to the customer at the stage of the trial product and then continuously improved

"Working Cell" held an offline event on November 18th. Miyano's first photo album was released on October 26th - Japanese magazine and evil night edition

Miyano’s masterpieces include “Wolf Rain” Spike, “Light Speed Masked Man 21” Sakur Ting Chun, “Ouran University College Men’s Public Relations’ Department”, Wang Wanghuan, “Death Note” Night God, “ Mobile Suit Gundam 00” Brahma F. Qing Ying, “Vampire Knight” Cone Zero, “Western Antiques Fruit Shop” Kanda Ess, “Gorgeous Challenge” is not broken, “The Soul Eater” Death De Kidd, “The Metal Alchemist FA” Yao Lin, “Lightning Eleven” Blowing Snow Shi Lang, “The Intransigable Betrayal”, Bing Bingsheng, “School Apocalypse”, Howe Yong, “The Headless Knight” Kiyoshi Masahiro, “The Gate of Destiny Stone”, Okabe Ryotaro, “Flower Love”, Yuji Taiji, “Ya Ren”, Nagai Kei, “King Game” Kanazawa Akira, etc.

Last weekend, from May 19th to 20th, the Japanese film market ranked the top ten films in the number of seats: Last weekend, from May 19th to 20th, the top ten films in the Japanese film market and their respective box office income status list: In the order of the premiere date, the main works of the finalists in the film are listed at the top of the box office revenue change track: . In the current premiere of the 2018 Saturday, the Japanese movie with more than 100,000 visitors during the first move: In the premiere of the 2018 annual Friday or Friday, the first weekend of the Japanese movie with more than 100,000 visitors: In the current stage of 2018, the cumulative number of Japanese viewers with more than 1 million visitors: Monthly progress. Fifth: In the case of the three consecutive holidays in Japan during the rest of the year, the possibility of suspension of renewal during the period of the end of the year is very high, and the possibility of suspension of renewal during the summer break of the Mid-Autumn Festival in mid-August is low

Mizuno said that when designing a fantasy world, it may be best to determine the approximate scope of “what can be achieved” and “what can’t be achieved.” If the “magic warrior can teleport to open the unparalleled”, then “the telescope can be teleported to open the unparalleled magical warrior to rule the country”, and the final conclusion is that “the form of war is the monotony of the magic warrior.”

Vegeta- and the evil society, who loves to constantly surpass themselves, interviews Mr. Ozawa, the producer of Dragon Ball's Strongest Battle.

On the first day of ChinaJoy, we and the evil society in the hotel next to the venue had the opportunity to interview Mr. Ozawa Kenji, the producer of the mobile game “Dragon Ball Strongest Battle” based on the well-known Japanese IP “Dragon Ball”, to see how he came from. Everyone should know that Becker’s Devil King, he started out as a powerful negative character, but gradually became a good person in the story, and then there was a very touching scene, which was a blockade for Sun Wufan